Older woman younger man can it work?

I watched a great classic movie today Goodbye Again with Ingrid Bergman, Yves Montand and Anthony Perkins it got me thinking can it ever work between a younger man and older woman? And on the heels of the supposed cheating scandal swirling around Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, with Kutcher allegedly cheating on Moore on their sixth anniversary,  I wonder if this dynamic is not only the hardest for society to accept and we’ve come a long way with this type of relationship, of that there is no doubt, with it no longer being considered taboo however we already know that relationships with significant age differences face considerable hurdles but are May-December relationships the hardest relationship to maintain?

After watching Goodbye Again I’ll be honest if I had to make a choice similar to the one Paula (Ingrid Bergman) faces in the movie (and I wouldn’t spoil it for you..) there would be no question who I would choose-the man who loves me, the most regardless of his age!

What about you ladies would you date a man 10-15 years younger than you?


One thought on “Older woman younger man can it work?

  1. I have been with a wonderful man for two years. He is 20 years younger. I initially thought it wouldn’t work, then I realised if it’s okay for the older man younger women why can’t it be the same for older women younger men. I feel fantastic and I am complimented on my looks. I am 47, but now feel I am at the best stage of my life. I have two wonderful daughters and don’t want to have any more children, neither does my partner. I am in a loving relationship, with mutual respect and we have wonderful times together. I don’t feel age is the issue. I am blessed and if women want to try dating younger men, they should not worry about what society thinks and follow their heart. We have one life, live it to the fullest and enjoy!!

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