Mitt Romney and Rick Perry clearly don’t like each other

CNN’s Las Vegas GOP Presidential debate was the best one so far!

Of course the candidates repeated their usual talking points but so many punches were thrown at Mitt Romney and Herman Cain that it’s a wonder either candidate came out alive but the most revealing aspect of the debate wasn’t the fact that punches were thrown at the two top contenders Cain and Romney but it was how each candidate responded.

Romney got down and dirty while Cain just laughed off his attacks and attackers-for the most part.

However, the most telling exchange of night occurred between Texas Governor Rick Perry and Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney over Romney’s alleged hiring of illegal immigrants to do some landscaping at his home. It was the best exchange I’ve seen at any of the debates this year! Not only were you able to visually witness the well documented disdain Perry and Romney have for each other  spill over into the public arena, but you were able to see how each candidate responds when being attacked Romney was appealing to Anderson for help and Perry was seemingly saying, as he glared Romney down, “No Mitt don’t bring anybody into this. This is between you and me.” I thought the two men would stop trading verbal blows and start physically assaulting each-but alas they didn’t.

I’ve heard a few commentators say that Romney’s response, lowers him in the eyes of perspective voters but I disagree as someone who has often said that Mitt Romney acts like a robot who doesn’t like to get dirty, this exchange proves that he has some life in him and that he’s not afraid to get down in the mud with someone, he doesn’t like/who doesn’t like him and fight. And at the very least, the VERY least it shows he’s human and if someone throws a punch at him, he CAN punch back.

Perry needed at the very least a mediocre performance tonight. And he performed. He threw punches at Romney all night and their exchange over immigration will be headline news tomorrow.  Perry will certainly get GOP voters that clearly have a problem with Romney and those that are undecided about Romney as the GOP Presidential candidate, to take a second look at his campaign and Perry desperately needs that. After the last debate I thought he was done, now I’m not so sure maybe he does have something left in him.

Cain, the other contender spent the first half of the debate fending off attacks on his 9-9-9 plan that was to be expected. I don’t think that he has adequately explained his plan so far and he didn’t do it again tonight. He has to be able to explain his plan in enough detail to convince an average voter who goes to H&R Block to get their taxes done that this will plan will not only simplify the process but it also be more beneficial to

Rick Santorum, I want him to get more questions in every debate. Dude was on fire! He went after Romney, Perry and Cain was cordial to Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann and Newt Gingrich but he needs more questions so that he can accuse other candidates of not having ‘a track record’ as he did with Mitt Romney emphatically stating,” You just don’t have credibility on Obamacare Mitt…you have no track record  that we can trust you that you’re gonna do that (and repeal it).” It was just electrifying television. I couldn’t get enough.

Overall CNN’s Western Republican Presidential Debate in Las Vegas was the best one so far I hope it gets better!


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