10 facts about Islamic Sharia Law

This past Sunday Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council, said, “We, as an Islamic state, have adopted the Islamic Sharia as the main source of legislation as such, any law that runs contrary to the Islamic principles of the Islamic Sharia is legally void”.

You could hear the collective gasp of many in the West who after spending billions of dollars to help liberate Libya were left wondering after Jalil statements, if they had actively helped to create another oppressive Islamic regime? Chairman Jalil, has since then, sought to assure and calm Western leaders that this is not the case but only time will tell however here are 10 facts we all should know about sharia law.

  1. In Arabic Sharia means, “the clear, well trodden path to water.”
  2. Sharia law is derived from a combination of sources including the Qur’ an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and the rulings of Islamic scholars.
  3. Sharia law seeks to regulate the actions of muslims and puts the actions into five categories, obligatory, recommended, permitted, dislike and forbidden.
  4. Sharia law sets out rules of conduct for women and men.
  5. Sharia manuels are often divided into four parts: laws relationg to personal acts of worship, laws relating to commercial dealings, laws relating to marriage and divorce and penal laws.
  6. The Qur ‘an the primary source of Sharia law was revealed to the Prophet Muhammed over 23 years.
  7. They are two agreed upon derived sources of Sharia law; scholarly consensus (ijma) and legal analogy (qiyas).
  8. Sharia law does not require women to wear the burqua.
  9. Several countries, with the largest percentage of muslims Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan have secular constitutions and laws with limited Islamic provisions.
  10. Crimes under Islamic laws can be broken down into 3 major categories Haad Crimes (most serious), Tazir Crimes (least serious) and Qesas Crimes (revenge crimes restitution).

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