What do Herman Cain and a Llama have in common?

They both have the creepiest smiles I have ever seen.

Check out Nicki the Llama smiling from about 0.42-0.45 and tell me, isn’t that one of the creepiest smiles you’ve ever seen in your life? Well for me that smile was number one until I saw Herman Cain’s latest campaign ad, with him smiling at the end. I didn’t know what he was trying to accomplish did he want to go for inspiration and authenticity or did he just want to creep us all out around Halloween? Lol I don’t think he was going for the latter but after seeing him smile, at the end of that end most of the viewers probably did what I did lurch backward, raise an eyebrow and muttered, “What the hell was that?”Lol

But it’s all good Mr.Cain you don’t need any of those fancy ads, your authenticity is winning you millions of friends and your campaign coffers are swelling so obviously you’re doing something right and people love it! But I’d practice my smiling in the mirror just a few more times before appearing in any more ads.

But to be fair Me And My Llama  wins the best song contest hands down! So my dear vintage Sesame Street fans go ahead and sing along you know you want to and don’t worry if you feel like a kid when you’re singing it’s ok. A whole bunch of ‘big kids’ will be singing right along with you!


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