Tide Stay-at-Home Dad commercial..

Tide, a popular American laundry detergent, is running a new commercial featuring a stay-at-home dad speaking about the benefits of Tide Boost.

I can’t recall another major household brand, as well-known as Tide featuring a stay-at-home dad, I wonder if we’ll see more brands following suit?

At this moment corporate America, hell corporations in general, don’t deserve one iota of praise from the public but Proctor & Gamble has earned at the very least a “well done” for having the guts to flip the gender roles and promote this non-traditional spokesman and in effect, an idea, for one of their most beloved products. I applaud Proctor & Gamble’s efforts to empower men who have chosen to throw off society’s shackles and embrace the primary care-giver role which once the main and in most cases the only role for women.  P&G, I tip my hat to you!


6 thoughts on “Tide Stay-at-Home Dad commercial..

  1. “…to empower men”

    Being a stay at home dad empowers men? That’s funny I haven’t heard that it “empowers” women to be stay at home moms. Nor have I heard praise for corporations that portray women in that role. Quite the contrary. Any portrayal of women in the stay at home role is condemned as oppressive because if women stay at home rather than have a career outside the home, we are told that they are: oppressed, depressed, unequal, frustrated, unfulfilled, bored, lack adult contact, lack equality, are dependent, financially vulnerable, unable to leave abusive marriages because have no ability to support themselves, poor role models for their daughters, wasting their education, etc, etc,etc,. Remember the Feminine Mystique”, the book that “liberated” women from the oppression of being a stay at home mom? But it’s not oppression when men do it? It’s okay to decide what is or isn’t a proper occupation based solely on your gender?

    Well thanks for proving once again the massive hypocrisy of liberals who claim to believe in gender neutrality, the elimination of the “gender binary”, and an end to assigning roles based on gender.

    • An activity, whether staying at home or joining the workforce, is not in and of itself empowering. It is the ability to choose that activity – without fear of mockery or discrimination – that is empowering.

  2. Really great commercial. Refreshing break from how men are usually portrayed in the domestic sphere: as incompetent man-children who can handle even basic tasks.

  3. I was pretty excited to see stay at home dad represented in a tide commercial. At the very least its a baby step in the right direction.Gender neutrality is the ultimate destination, and I believe that we are getting there,slowly.

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