Gov Rick Perry meets Sesame Street’s Two Headed Monster

This week we saw two sides of Governor Rick Perry. At the beginning of the week, we saw video of him delivering one of the most bizarre, yet strangely mesmerizing speeches an American presidential candidate has probably ever delivered in New Hampshire. Yet, he says he wasn’t drunk! Okay then. And then at the end of the week on an appearance on CNN’s John King’s USA, Perry appeared to be an entirely different candidate not only were his responses to King, well thought out and coherent most importantly he actually seemed to know and care that he was on camera and that his actions, all of them were being weighed and judged by millions of people! What a difference a week makes right? I wonder why that candidate didn’t deliver the Cornerstone Action speech last Friday night and where was he at the past couple of GOP debates?

But hey, at least Perry’s antics allowed me to tie politics and Sesame Street together that doesn’t happen too often.


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