Andy Rooney has gone to find all his lost things

American writer and humorist Andy Rooney died Friday night from complications following surgery at a New York City hospital.

Rooney, became famous for his wit and acerbic observations as a commentator on the CBS News program “60 Minutes”. And if there was one person that epitomized and seemingly relished in his role as ‘the cranky old man’, in my opinion, it was Andy Rooney.

He said things many of us thought but wouldn’t dare to say and I didn’t always agree withhis commentaries but at the end of each segment I was either laughing, smiling or shaking my head in frustration. Mr.Rooney always got a reaction out of me.

Mr. Rooney, as you once said, ” My idea of heaven would be to die and awaken in a place that has all my lost things.” I hope that you’re there and that all your lost items are in the hands of some punk ass kid and that you have to argue with every, single one of them to get them all back! I pretty certain you’d enjoy that scenario and sir, I sincerely hope that you rest in peace.


2 thoughts on “Andy Rooney has gone to find all his lost things

  1. woah, you just changed teh website bc i was here last week and it didnt look like this.
    i like the new design. it it sleek.

    i think this your post to andy rooney is very sweet.

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