Arrested Development Season 4 sucks!

They’ve made a huge mistake!


I’m so pissed off about the new Arrested Development Season Four I’ve come out of retirement to write this blog!

I’m sure I’m not the only one that believes they made a huge mistake I got as far as episode nine before I confirmed it.  I guess I was shell-shocked. A few hours before I was jumping around my house with my  “balls in the air…” I’m sure my neighbors must have thought I was losing my mind but from the first few minutes of season four I knew it wasn’t going to be the same. The one person format/formula just didn’t feel right instead of feeling at home with the Bluths and laughing at them in the good way, I started to feel sorry for them. I’ve never felt that way before. NEVER!

And I think that has to do with the one person at a time format. Before you got to see all of them and watch them play off the strengths and weaknesses of each other and you saw the big picture as well as their character flaws. In this season I’m told what I must see and how I must see it..and that’s the format. I  still don’t quite understand why the actors couldn’t have been on the set together just like the old days, scheduling conflicts be damned, all these actors are big enough stars now that I’m sure they all could’ve gotten a few sick days and a note from a doctor to do the show and Big Up the fans that made them. Come On!

Another aspect of the show that made it so special to me was that all the actors seem to enjoy being together and they fed off each other’s energy. There aren’t many shows where that happens where the people genuinely seem to like each other (hell most regular workplaces can’t boast of that either ) the staff, crew etc seemed to complement each other perfectly and you could tell they genuinely seem to be having a great time. I needed to see that I still do that’s why I love it so much. People can do great things and enjoy themselves at the same time. Arrested Development’s cast and crew proved that it could be done every week and with every episode. There’s very little of that in this new season and when I do catch a glimpse of it, in one of these new episodes, it feels forced (no spoilers here if you’re an AD fan you’ll see what I mean) and the constant flash backs we ‘original’ AD fans don’t need arrows red ones or otherwise (smile) we know the plot lines by heart so that was pointless. That makes me question was this season for true AD fans like me, the masses or Netflix execs? Who by the way will never like or get Arrested Development because as we all know most of the characters on the show are unrelatable-the average Joe and Jill can’t relate they are the reason it was canceled in the first place!

And as someone who watched Arrested Development from the very first episode back in the day (no Jane-come-lately here…)  I have the scratches on all my DVDs to prove it and Netflix could probably tell you how often I’ve watched AD too! I’ve watched every episode at least 50-100 times and no I’m not kidding, chronic insomnia does have some benefits! And I’ve been one of those fans begging for a movie, new season, something to fill the void I felt after its cancellation but this new season just doesn’t do it for me. I wanted it to be good-great regardless of what was being said I believed they could’ve done it and I didn’t care about the physical changes in the actors, age does that to you, we grow up and if we’re lucky we grow old and that was to be expected but following one specific character around didn’t give me the opportunity to feel as though I was, in a weird kinda of way, one of the Bluths albeit a darker skinned, better looking (ha!) more organized Bluth. These episodes feel very VHI Where are they now? and I didn’t want a follow-up I wanted to be a distant cousin of the Bluths who was just dropping by for a quick visit instead of raw honesty from my cousins I got lots of grandstanding and product placement. I swear I was waiting for Lucille to say “Brawndo’s got what plants crave it’s got electrolytes!”

I need a forget-me-now NOW!


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