What I’m all about

As my page states, I am a black liberal. I was born into a family of unapologetic liberals and will undoubtedly remain one for the rest of my life. My blog title borrows from a book I once read called Conversations with an unrepentant liberal by Julius Bixler. If you should get the opportunity pick it up..it’s old, really old but it’s great! Because I am a liberal, I am quite tolerant of most ideas and opinions however I will not tolerate prejudice of any kind on my blog therefore if you do wish to comment on any of my thoughts or opinions please mind your manners and keep all offensive (racist, sexist, homophobic etc) comments to your blog or to yourself.

I’m an avid reader, I read anything and everything..I like to know a little about everything and a lot about somethings..lol I love politics, economics and the simpsons. I also hold a graduate degree in International Relations. That’s all i’m going to share, if you want to get to know me and the millions of people like me read my blog.


29 thoughts on “What I’m all about

  1. Hello Johnnypeepers,


    I’ve been asked this question so many times but each time I’m asked I always feel stumped..lol

    I can tell you what the dictionary defines as liberal. I can tell you what conservatives define as liberal but when it comes down to how I define myself I’m always a bit hesitant..i don’t know why..I guess because I’m always wary of labels…

    But here goes..I define a liberal as a person who has the ability to understand, accept and tolerate..TOLERATE being the operative word here that they are different positions on every issue, a liberal must believe in science, progess and technology and its ability to assist humanity in finding solutions to the problems that plague us-a liberal accepts that government should intervene and must intervene at times to protect, promote and institute programs to assist citizens and the sole individual.

    So a liberal by my definition is a person who is tolerant of all ideas and most beliefs religious ones included, understands and respects the role of science in order to acheive progress for all of humanity and understands that government is not a necessary evil but that government is needed in order to protect society and the individual from evil!

    Thank you so much for your question and I checked out your blog, thanks for checking out mine..please come back again soon!

  2. I agree with your political viewpoint with one possible minor exception. You believe that the “government should intervene and must intervene at times to protect, promote and institute programs to assist citizens and the sole individual.” Since I do not what you mean by the word “programs”, I have to take exception. Otherwise, I think our views are perfectly aligned. I do not like labels, so I will not attempt to define my political views.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond.

  3. Johnnypeepers, you’re welcome..and no problem..I try to respond to all questions or statements asked…

    Come back again soon…

  4. I just learned about Tim Russert from your blog as I was checking out the blogging concept. It was quite a shock, but it was also comforting to know a stranger also cared. I come from a long line anti technology people, Thanks to Obama, I am pushing the limits of my learning curve. Thanks to you for your efforts

  5. Hi Liberal Friend,

    You mentioned you like to read.

    To understand liberalism a little better I invite you to go to my blog http://www.alamedabiblechurch.com. Go first to Hidden Treasures then read my article on LIBERALISM and also another on the same topic Christ’s KIngdom in America. This article you will find under KINGDOM.

    I believe both Liberals and Conservatives are both patiroitc and want a better America. Check this out and see if there is any agreement.

    God bless you.

    A Conservative Friend

  6. Can I join in? I have always considered myself a Moderate Independant.But lately I think I really lean toward the left.
    Regardless,I have been on political related message boards lately (never been much into politics until the last 8 months)…but noticed that conservatives can be such mean, brutal,callous,and narrow minded people on this planet.

    Liberals seem to be about the truth.Or I see liberals as truth seekers whom want what is right for the American people. I see liberals as those fine citizens who have the fortitude to question their government when it appears that our leaders are making questionable decisions.

    Conservatives seem to support their party’s government, in this case the last 8 years of the Republican Neocons of Bush, Cheney, etc — in no matter what they do – whether it is right or wrong.Or they have such a biased brain that they can’t see past the wrong’s (or what I have called, the atrocities).

    In other words,I am for the impeachment of George W. Bush.
    Thus I support Dennis Kucinich’s proposal and intro of articles of impeachment of GWB. Initially he introduced 35 articles, but he has vowed to up it to 60.


    I am a peaceful, common sense, truth seeking loving person.I speak out when it is warranted.Such as questioning the government and asking questions.

    Btw, why so secretive Blackliberal?
    How old are you? Male or female?what city?

    I am Marc from Florida.Age 41.Firefighter.

  7. Madravolt,

    Thank you so much for your comments.

    I am so glad that you have joined me in search of the ‘truth’..to be honest I don’t know where that journey will take us or if we will EVER know the truth especially when it comes to the Iraq war..but I do believe that the truth will be revealed, one day….

    As for being secretive..hmmm let’s just say that I would like to maintain some aspects of privacy but I love the public sphere and having a blog allows me to enjoy the benefits of both worlds until I’m ready to take it a bit further…lol..

    Once again, Madravolt thank you so much for your comments (keep them coming..) and please visit often.

  8. blackliberal,

    I came to your site through a search of Michele Bernard. I am tolerant of traditional beliefs and liberal beliefs. What is sexist to one may be a desire to protect the unborn to another. What may be homophobic to one may be a disagreement with homosexual behavior to another. What is racist to one might be that one’s own racism. But while I am tolerant of beliefs both right and left, I am not tolerant of deception, corruption, the abuse of power, and hypocrisy (except when it is my own, to my chagrin). I consider myself right of center but am an Obama admirer (would vote for him if it weren’t for the DNC’s confusion of women’s reproductive rights with the disregard for the responsibility not to kill little people who haven’t yet seen the light of day, but I digress). I sincerely hope that the Republican Party gets a severe whipping this November for its rampant corruption and abuse of power, and I also stand in hope, despite having to stand on the sidelines for the unborn, that Obama wins for the hope and inspiration that he can bring to African Americans. He is a good and worthy man. Best wishes to you.

  9. Black Liberal:
    I’m not sure this is the forum for my comment; but here goes. I’m addicted to MSNBC & feel you always make a thoughtful contribution to the discussion. I usually always agree with your points. Watching the Hardball show today (10/3), I couldn’t help but notice your being run over by Mr. Matthews, as he had a dialogue with Mr. Cilliza. I know by your expression that you were aware of it too. I hope you have an opportunity to discuss this bad (on or off air) behavior, & hopefully reduce the liklihood of a reocurrance.
    David Kramer

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  12. I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I’m so far to the left that most liberals look conservative to me, so we’ll see what ya got! It’s interesting that I just came upon your blog and then I noticed that you are an unapologetic and so am I. Interesting. Maybe great minds think alike?

  13. I found an interesting video on youtube about the fox b.s. on President Obama. The amount of altered truth and blatant lies they spread is ridiculous. Check it out on my new bare bones blog( it’s on the blogdogsays blog). I have read through some of your blog site, and like many others, there are parts I liked, and parts I didn’t. You have excellent excerpts on President Obama for someone who never voted. A shame. On the one hand, I understand you not wanting to cross the line with your abortion issues, on the other hand though…someone once said that the man who does nothing so as to do nothing wrong is more responsible for the problem than the man who does everything, but does it all wrong. He’s doing it wrong, but at least he’s trying.

  14. Black Liberal,
    I found your site after searching for Michelle Bernard, after realizing I had a big fat crush on MSNBC’s legal analyst. I fell in love with a black woman for the first time in my early twenties, and the experience changed me fundamentally as a human being. I have remained a staunch miscegenist since then, at times to my family’s chagrin. Your blog on beauty issues amongst black women was beautifully heart-felt and a wonderful peek at a unique perspective that more Americans should be aware of. You’ve got a new fan.

    • Hi atheisticmystic,

      Thank you so much for your kind words and comments. It really warms my heart to know that my post on ‘black beauty’ resonated with you enough to post a comment and that I have at least one fan out there, somewhere. LOL

  15. You published a photo of mine of Chris Matthews and Michelle Bernard. It’s a great photo, but you failed to provide attribution.
    Remember! Flickr Community Guidelines specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. (So, use Option 1.)

    • Hi Sandra,

      Great photo!

      And I’m so sorry about that.
      I give credit where it is due and I’ll make sure to provide the link to your page.

  16. WHAT? Did you make up the idea that Gingrich is Cartman? I just came up with that on Sunday, January 30. It looks like you posted something about it first. Can it be? If so, you’re a genius.

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